AsReader ASR-R250G and AsRing+

Welcome to the AsReader Gun and AsRing+ developer page. All information related to the Gun and AsRing+ including the Apps, Firmware Updates, SDK, and How-To Manuals can be found below.

ASR-R250G (Gun):

Demo App for the Gun
Windows PC program for the Gun firmware update(Ver.1.1)
Firmware bin file for the Gun(Ver.
SDK for the Gun(Ver.1.0.13)
Sample project for the Gun
Xamarin SDK for Gun(source) (Ver.1.0.11)
Xamarin SDK for Gun(dll) (Ver.1.0.11)
Xamarin sample
Cordova Plug-in (Ver.1.0.11)
Cordova sample

ASR-102R (AsRing+):

iTunes link to AsRing+ App
Firmware bin file for the AsRing+(Ver.1.1.25)
SDK for the AsRing+(Ver.1.0.6)
Xamarin SDK for AsRing+(source) (Ver.1.0.5)
Xamarin SDK for AsRing+(dll) (Ver.1.0.5)