AsReader SDK

SDK for 300R, 301R, 510R, 520R, 010D, 020D, 030D, 031D.

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For customers who use SDK version 2.3.13 or earlier

With iOS 10.2 or later, the connection to AsReader is sometimes failed when returning from sleep mode.
We have fixed and released version 2.3.14. please use the latest SDK.

Please select "External accessory communication” at Background Modes from Xcode settings.

With version 2.3.13 or earlier, The session with AsReader is disconnected when entering background mode.
But, We have changed so that session will be disconnected only when we physically remove AsReader from iOS device.
Therefore, when returning from sleep, it is not necessary to reconnect session and the connection failure is not occurred.
Update Date April 5 2017
Target ASX-300R, ASX-301R, ASX-510R, ASX-520R, ASR-010D, ASR-020D, ASR-030D, ASR-031D
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Description Fixed the following issues;
- The connection is failed when returning from sleep mode in iOS 10.2 or later.
- The app sometimes crashes when switching to the background.
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