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SDK for 300R, 301R, 510R, 520R, 010D, 020D, 030D, 031D.

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For customers who use SDK version 2.3.13 or earlier

With iOS 10.2 or newer, the connection to the AsReader sometimes fails when the iOS device returns from sleep mode.
This issue has been fixed with the release of SDK version 2.3.14, so please use the latest SDK.

With SDK version 2.3.13 or earlier, iOS10.2 or higher would sometimes disconnect AsReader sessions when entering background mode
because of a change in iOS requirements for connected devices. This has been updated in SDK version 2.3.14,
so that the AsReader session will now only disconnect when the AsReader is physically removed from the iOS device.
Therefore, it is not necessary to reconnect the session when returning from sleep mode, and the connection failure will not occur.

Please make these changes in your Xcode settings when using SDK 2.3.14 or higher:
- Please go to Xcode settings > Capabilities > Background Modes
- Check the box for "External accessory communication” under “Modes:”
Update Date Apr 27 2018
Target ASX-300R, ASX-301R, ASX-510R, ASX-520R, ASR-010D, ASR-020D, ASR-030D, ASR-031D
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